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About Me

Hi, I'm Lyndsay.  I'm a 28 almost nine year old wife and mother of 4 (3 boys, 1 girl).  I went to school and became an ultrasound technologist.  I love to spend time with family, cuddle my kids, read, and learn new things.  This past year (2012) has been a tough one.  I found a lump on the bottom of my left foot and from there things spiralled.  Just after I found I had a large tumor in my foot I was surprised to find I was pregnant with my fourth baby!  I was pregnant and had surgery to remove the tumour which then was found to be cancer (malignant myoepithelioma).  The cancer was so invasive and large that my only real option was a below knee amputation which happened while I was 6 months pregnant.  So now I am a mother and amputee.  I want to blog about my life my new challenges and anything else I think about.

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